Show Stature

GrCh Saints&Sinners' Dame of Thrones

Pictured here at 16 months. Currently the Number 1 Olde English Bulldogge of 2017.

NW GrCh Bulky Built's A.I.

2015 National Winner Grand Champion Bulky Built's Allen Iverson "The Answer". Achieved every award possible, including Number 1 OEB of 2015. Now a pet in Atlanta, GA.

NW GrCH Bulky Built's Ms Sweet aka "CANDY"

National Winner of 2013 at 12 months of age. Number 1 OEB of 2014. Grand Champion of all Grand Champions. Pictured here with her handler Jerry Pressley. 54 Best of Breeds in 2015, yet to be out ranked.

SBK's Annie

Mother of Bulky Built's KEYSER SOZE, Mother of NW GrCh Bulky Built's CANDY.


Pearl Smitherman handling GrCh Saints&Sinner's Dame of Thrones


Mascot, National Winner, Grand Champion, the most BOBs reigning

Candy & Jerry

NW GrCH Candy & Jerry Pressley

These two performed amazing together, their confidence and precision unmatched.

NW GrCh Bulky Built's FAITH

2014 National Winner Grand Champion Bulky Built's Faith. Has achieved countless accomplishments. Daughter of Bulky Built's Sabrina. Mother of Bulky Built's Moxie.

NW GrCH Bulky Built's FAITH

Daughter of Bulky Built's SABRINA, Mother of Moxie, Mother of Gabby, Mother of Picasso, Mother of Diesel

Ch ODB's Toni Montana

We hit the ground running with this girl. Great muscle tone, nice structure. She was campaigned, Championed and is currently the mascot for BULLDOGPEDIA Olde English Bulldogges

Cool Pic

One of my favorite show pics.. there's Candy and handler Anthony Gray at the end